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Pre-Sales FAQ


Q. How soon will my account be set up and ready to use?
Your account will be setup within 24 hours once your order is submited. You will receive automated email with your account information, IP address, user name and password to publish your site. You can then start uploading your site.
Q. Is my access to my site 24 hours a day?
Yes. You will have access to your account 24 hours a day.
Q. Can 24HostingNow register domain names for me?
No, we only focus on web hosting.
Q. Which type of domain does 24HostingNow support?
24HostingNow support all kind of domains like: .com, .net, .org, .us, .co.uk, .cc, .tv, .ws, .nl, .de, .ru, and etc.
Q. Can 24HostingNow help me transfer my domain name?
Yes, you can trasfer your domain to our nameservers for free.
Q. Which nameservers does 24HostingNow use?
24Hostingnow uses its own nameservers, ns1.24hostingnow.com and ns2.24hostingnow.com
Q. Does 24HostingNow allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content?
We accept legal adult content but we don't accept illegal activities such as warez, etc. Please see our terms and conditions page for permissible and impermissible content.
Q. What are your Network Connections?
Our network consists of redundant OC-12 network and 75 diverse Backbone Providers connections to provide a high-availability platform for all business needs. See our network page for more information.
Q. What are your server environment?
Every server at 24HostingNow has different specifications. Whenever a server reaches what we feel to be the limit, another server is built. If more drive space, memory, or faster processors are needed, they are added in at that time. Our servers are the minimum Intel Pentium III 1100Mhz. The operating system is Red Hat Linux running Apache Web Server. This is a fairly typical web server setup.
Q. Where are your servers located?
Our Network Operations is managed out of Parsippany, New Jersey . There they are monitored 24x7x365, in a data center environment that provides security, backup power, and direct access to 75 internet backbones. See our web hosting page for more information.
Q. Is there any Setup Fee to your Hosting Plans?
Some hosting plans may have a set up fee. Please see our plans details for further information.
Q. Prices are quoted in what currency?
All prices are quoted in US Dollar (US$).
Q. Why do you cost so much less than other web hosts?
Many of the other web hosts have toll-free support 24 hours, 7 days per week. If we offered this, it would greatly increase our prices. We only have a telephone number available for only emergency events.
Q. Is 24HostingNow allowed other types of payment methods besides credit card?
Yes. You can pay by wire transfer, direct bank-in, internet check, check, money order or pos order. Contact us for more info.
Q. Can I get unlimited bandwidth?
No. We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth primarily because there is no such thing. Any one that promises that is not telling the truth. Somewhere in their terms and conditions are probably some words referring to "excessive use of resources", and in effect these place some arbitrary limit on your bandwidth. We set limits to both protect you and to provide you with a reliable service.
Q. How much bandwidth do I need?
Bandwidth depends on how much traffic of your site will generate. For example if you have 100 visitors per day, each visitor view 10 pages of your web site and each page is 100Kb, then your bandwidth is approximately 3GB per month.
Q. How much space do I need?
It depends on what is the main purpose of your web site. For a normal static html site, 20MB is more than enough, usually one normal static page only takes 60-85KB with images. That means 20MB can hold more than 200 pages including images.
If you are running database or CGI program, then you might need more space.
Q. Does 24HostingNOW accepts PayPal?
No, we don't accept PayPal Orders.
Q. How am I billed monthly?
If you will order today one of the monthly plans, then the next billing cycle will be automatically on October 28, 107
Q. Can I upgrade my package to any other hosting package?
Yes you can upgrade your package any time you want. We will just increase/decrease your bandwidth or space requirements of your account.
Q. What is your average response time to a ticket?
Tickets are replied to as quickly as possible. Normal turnaround time on a ticket is 5 minutes up to 30minutes depending on the process volume. However, all support tickets will be resolved in a 4 hour period.
Q. Cannot find the answers for your questions?
Feel free to contact us at sales@24hostingnow.com. Our sales representative will reply to you as soon as possible.
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