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I have been using for a couple of years, and have found their level of customer service to be excellent.The service reliability has been first class, with only the very occasional, generally well notified, off line time, which was generally only a very short period.I have never been without access at any time that was critical to myself or my business.I can completely recommend the service to anyone looking for good value, well communicated web hosting.

David Sharp
Blunt Performance Group has been a wonderful service. I have used them to host my clans TS server for several years now. Anytime I have a question or concern, they are quick to contact me and take care of the issue. A truly wonderful service.

TS Server

I have been impressed with the friendly and pro-active support, particularly on the chat support. Recently they have been excellent when I enquired about restoring server backups. Keep up the good work.

Edwin Mak

The service is the best from all hosting companys i know, and also the uptime is very good. But once again i am so very pleasured about the service 24hostingnow delivers thats the biggest reason to stay by this company.

Six Points Media

I'm very happy all my webpages i host bij, service is very good, problems where solved very fast , uptime is very good!

M. Prins |

I've gone from connecting to BBSes with a 300 baud acoustic coupled mode, through using the Usenet, into today's Internet world. I got my first computer in 1978, and have used hundreds of computers and peripherals. I buy about everything online, I use the Internet frequently, and my daily life and job are tightly intertwined with computers, computers, computers. 24HostingNow's support has consistently AMAZED me with their *rapid* turnaround time, professionalism, and prompt resolutions to issues and answers to questions. This company, in my opinion, has the BEST customer support of ANY company of ANY type I have ever dealt with... ever. No kidding. Thanks very much!

Rich Eizenhoefer

I have been with 24hostingnow for about 3 years now and as far as I am concerned they provide a steady and reliable hosting service and timely tech support. Their control panel is pretty easy to use although I haven't tried all of its features. For the price and quality of service, I would recommend 24hostingnow to anyone looking for a safe and secure place for their websites to reside.

Edward Proud

I have been with for more than three years. provides excellent service, they are reliable and they will answer all your questions quickly. If you want to trust a good company, have a fast running website and pay a reasonable price, then I encourage everyone to select You won't have to worry about your website being online. My score is 10 stars out of 10!!!!

Andy Zajac

I'm with 24hostingnow for four years now and I didn't even have to think about my webhosting, it just worked all the time.

Hansi Raber

Finally !!!! We found that right host ...Great Package !!!Low Fees !!!No downtime !!!Impeccable Customer Response Time !!!Stable Environment !!! It's been a pleasure to be at 24hostingnow.


I really thankful to 24hostingnow support team. We have solved so many problems together. You have proved that you have 24X7 support scheme, actually previously I used several Russian hosting providers and their tech support was so poor, unprofessional and they worked only on 8X5 scheme that I started to look for another hosting provider finally I found on the "gallery" forum a message about you. Then I was amazed that you gave me free test account for my project. I have tested it and checked that everything works properly. Then paid for a month. As the month passed I realized that 24hostingnow is one of the provider that is worth dealing with. Then I paid for 1 year and transferred all my projects on 24hosingnow. Now I have 5 projects on 24hosting and I am fully satisfied with the service. Thanks a lot to all 24hosting team.

Artem Isaev

This service is very Cheap and very Affordable! And the support department solves my problem very quickly.



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